5 Great All-Inclusive Resorts of the Caribbean 

 It’s that time of year again. The one you have been waiting for ever since last year. It’s time to go on vacation and now you are looking at somewhere a bit more exotic, a bit more tropical, the Caribbean perhaps. This is such a beautiful place to enjoy, to soak up the sun and spend long days sipping on perfectly chilled Margaritas, lounging out by the beach, cleansing your skin in the salty ocean. The Caribbean is such a great place, filled with culture, excitement, relaxation. It’s the perfect getaway place when the winters are too cold and the beaches in the summer are too full.

Now that you have decided where your next vacation will be, you’ll need to do a couple other things before you are ready to go. You’ll need to set a date, book your flight and last but not least, find a hotel. This is where there are limitless options. You’ll want a hotel that has clean rooms, a nice beach, pool, entertainment and offers other features that will ensure that your stay is filled with the most relaxation possible. When in the Caribbean, a great option for hotels is finding one that is All-Inclusive and also has a good rating. The list below will give you five great All-Inclusive hotels in the Caribbean. They are hotels that have Great reviews from their customers as well as amazing return customer rates.

First up is the Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado Don Pablo Collection. This hotel is great for couples as well as Families. It is located in the beautiful Dominican Republic and offers its guests a wide range of amenities. Visitors love the great customer service and friendly staff present at the location. Their rooms are beautiful, comfortable and available with Sea View so that you can wake up to a view of the beautiful calm ocean.

Next is the Iberostar Grand Rosehall in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This is the island of the legendary Bob Marley and reggae music. This hotel is very well priced and is great for the entire family. It is equipped with game rooms, an internet cafes, child care, kids clubs, and specialty restaurants. With beautiful beaches, gardens and word class entertainment there is nothing that you  will be missing on your vacation to Jamaica when staying at the Iberostar Grand Rosehall Hotel.

Mango Bay All Inclusive, located in Barbados is an All-Inclusive hotel that provides a great getaway for couples. With 76 rooms, this hotel is neither too big nor too small. It is the perfect size to meet new friends on your vacation but not feel that the place is too crowded. It hosts a beautiful beach front in St.James and has tons of restaurants and bars where couples can take advantage of their fine cuisine and mixology expertise. On site they have a fitness center, internet cafe, swimming pool, and they offer free high speed internet.

The Sol Rio de Luna y Mares is another fabulous vacation spot. This hotel is located in Guardalavaca, Cuba and boasts bars, lounges, swimming pools, excellent restaurants, activities, and a fitness center. It is a great location for couples as well as the entire family.

Last but not least, there is the Cocos Hotel in Antigua. This hotel has excellent service, friendly staff and gorgeous beaches. It also has 26 individual cottages where guests can enjoy their own private balconies while swaying calmly in a hammock.


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