The top 5 best beach resorts in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the best getaways in the world and the beaches in the island are famous across the globe. The climate of Hawaii is extremely moderate and varies between 65 and 89 Fahrenheit throughout the year. The beaches in Hawaii are famous across the world and tourists from all parts of the globe seek to vacation at this comfortable and luxurious spot. There are numerous beach hotels in Hawaii that provide world class facilities along with unbelievable ambience and large stretches of sandy beaches. The beach hotels in Hawaii are famous for their large stretches of beaches and the amenities that are offered to the guests. The top five beach hotels in Hawaii have been described hereunder:

Recognized as the Pink Palace of the Pacific, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel is the epitome of beauty, elegance and luxury. It tends to create an intriguing mix of modern comfort and old world charm. There are 528 rooms and suites and each one of them has been crafted to perfection. The rooms in the Historical Building stand testimony to the era gone by and transcend the tourists into the luxurious life of the past. The Royal Hawaiian Hotel has become one of the most favored spots for vacationers, honeymooners, etc. and continues to be one of the best beach hotels in the magnificent island of Hawaii.

The Grand Wailea Resort Hotel and Spa is surrounded by the slopes of Haleakala and the deep waters of the Pacific. It is one of the best places in Hawaii as far as beach hotels and resorts are concerned. The façade of the hotel is one that shall mesmerize the senses of any mortal being. One can enjoy the Polynesian beauty and indulge in the innumerable luxuries that the hotel has to offer. The spa services are worth mentioning as the numerous bathes are purely enchanting.

The Halekulani Hotel is worth a visit especially since this 100 year old hotel recently got redecorated and refurnished. The elegance and the beauty of the hotel cannot be expressed in words whereas the hospitality and services extended to the tourists are purely impeccable. The cuisine at the Halekulani Hotel is one of the biggest draws as it extends a range of delicacies from all over the world. Surfing, snorkeling and other outdoor activities can be arranged at their beach as well.

The Grand Hyatt Kaua’i Resort and Spa is one of the best resorts in the world. Each of the 602 rooms spells perfection and creates an intricate mix of simplicity and elegance. Spread across 50 acres, this hotel has been conceived according to the Hawaiian style in the 1920s and the 1930s and is maintained in spotless fashion till date.

The Mauna Lani Bay Hotels and Bungalows are yet another luxurious option for vacationers and tourists. Located on the Kohala coast in Hawaii, this beach resort is worth an experience. The hotel provides some experiences that are unparalleled and gives the guests an experience of a lifetime.

Hawaii is one of those vacation spots that is adorned by the best hotels and resorts in the world. The island is known for creating the perfect blend between elegance, beauty, simplicity and charm. This island is surely worth a visit.


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