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5 best beach hotels in Florida

5 best beach hotels in Florida

If you have ever had the pleasure of being able to visit Florida before, you will know that it is considerably one of the most beautiful locations in the world, as well as one of the most abundant locations in luscious sandy beaches. It is possible however that you are planning your first trip to Florida, and you do not quite know the best beach hotels that you should stay in whilst you are there. This article is going to act like your guide for beach hotels in Florida, as it gives detailed information about the top five in the area.

Four seasons resort.

The four seasons resort is an outstanding five-star beach resort in Florida, with a lot of personality and value that will make the stay worth every penny. Each room is conveniently equipped with everything from free wifi, a private bathroom, climate control, a balcony, multiline phone, complimentary newspaper, a CD player, a DVD player, a Tea and coffee maker, a hair dryer, designer toiletries, high definition televisions and many other amenities that will make your stay undoubtedly a pleasant one.

The Breakers.

Another notable beach hotel in Florida is The Breakers hotel. This hotel has everything that you could possibly want from a beach hotel plus more! With many of the amenities that the Four seasons resort provides customers, you will find something to make you smile every minute of your stay at The Breakers Hotel. What is more is that the Breakers hotel is also equipped with a premium spa, offering some of the best spa treatments known to man, which is a great way to begin a day fresh and ready for action.

Additionally, the Breakers hotel offers a range of recreational activities such as motor boating, Windsurfing, Sailing, fishing, hiking/biking, aerobics and plenty more to keep you occupied throughout the course of your stay. This is certainly a great location to take your family to, as not only will they have lots to do, see and experience first-hand, but all with the highest quality service in mind.

Eau Beach Resort

The Eau beach resort is certainly one that you should keep on your radar at all times. It offers a great range of pretty much everything from general amenities such as Spa tubs, free Wi-Fi and a steam room, to room amenities like private bathrooms and video-game consoles, to spa facilities and a long list of recreational activities that are guaranteed to make your stay memorable. The Eau Beach resort is the relaxation paradise for families, and if you are planning to have a great time on your vacation to Florida then you simply cannot go wrong with this resort.

Boca beach club

This resort is one that over 90% of guests highly recommend and gets an impressive 4.5/5 rating on many travel sites such as TripAdvisor and Expedia. Similarly to the other resorts, The Boca Beach club has a lot to offer guests in terms of room services, recreational activities and spa treatments all whilst ensuring that the customer is happy 24/7. Something to consider about this hotel is that pets are not permitted to stay, which may be a downside if you have a pet dog, cat etc that you would like to take with you, however this can be made up for with the incredible amount that they offer day in and day out. You are guaranteed to make many memorable moments during your stay at this hotel.

Marriott Singer Island.

What better way to finish this introductory guide than with the Marriott Singer Island Hotel. This hotel originally opened in 2007 and is located just north East of the Phil foster Park, north of the city beach and south of the Ocean’s Edge at Singer Island. This beach hotel as the others has an incredible amount to offer visitors, and will never fail to surprise returning visitors with their amazing standards. They are certainly on the top of many vacation makers lists, and who can blame them when there is so much on offer?

If you are yet to make plans to travel to Florida on your next vacation, you should certainly consider one of the five hotels above, as you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time regardless of when and how long you plant to stay.