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5 Great Adventure Vacations

5 Great Adventure Vacations 

Whilst beach holidays are always fun and have many factors that can make them very enjoyable, sometimes what you need is a vacation full of adventure and excitement. What classes as “exciting” differs from person to person, but these 5 locations in particular make for great adventure vacations, and they are certainly places that you should aim to visit within your lifetime.

Six flags America.

Six flags is one of the most popular theme parks in the world. Whilst Roller Coasters might not be everyone’s preference when it comes to vacations, for those who does love the thrill that they provide it can be the making of a first class vacation. Located in Maryland, Six Flags America is often named the best Six Flags theme park aside from Six Flags: Great Adventure. There is something for people of all ages, and even if you are not someone who takes pleasure in big rides, you can be sure that your kids will absolutely love it.

Disney world.

By far the greatest adventure that any kid will have in their lives will be at Disney land Orlando, Florida. This is truly where dreams are made with incredible rides, hotels and entertainment for everyone of all ages to enjoy. During the day you can enjoy the many different rides that are located around the resort and let your kids spend time with their favourite Disney characters, and at night you can discover the range of restaurants and marvel at the excellent firework displays. This holiday theme park is one that kids of all ages are sure to remember for the rest of their lives, and it is recommended by many as a place that everyone needs to visit at least once in their lifetimes.

Wilderness activities in the Yukon.

If you do not have young children to cater for, and rollercoasters/theme parks really are not your cup of tea, then you cannot go wrong with the wilderness activities in the Yukon. Located in the distant terrain of North-West Canada, for £2,305 (including flights) enjoy activities such as rafting on the Tatshenshini River for 13 nights or explore the art of salmon fishing, canoeing and kayaking for £160 a night at the Tincup Wilderness Lodge in Kluane National Park. This fee includes all meals, float plane transmissions, motor boat, fishing tackle, canoes and kayaks.

Diving in the Philippines 

If you have a real taste for adventure, then you will be sure not to miss the potential to go driving in the Philippines. Here you can dive the underwater comparable of the summit of Mount Everest, and enjoy some of the finest wreck diving available at depths of up to 125 feet! By far one of the most daring dives can be found on the German ship “Cormoran”, which was sunk during the First World War. This vacation is for divers of all abilities, and is highly recommended by the British Sub Aqua club. Flights are from £450 and the diving fees are more than affordable once there.

Sailing a tallship in the South Pacific 

Famous for starring role in the TV series “The Onedin Line” the “Soren Larsen” is a fantastic tallship equipped with everything needed for a fantastic adventure vacation. Currently, the Soren Larsen sails for 7 to 21 day voyages to and from New Zealand and The South Pacific Islands counting Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia. In terms of pricing, you can pay £397 for a standard eight-day cruise, and £1,460 for a total of three weeks. With so much to discover and explore for such affordable prices, you would be mad not to take up on this incredible offer.

There are many locations worldwide that have everything needed for a great adventure vacation. If you are willing to travel you are opening yourself to more locations that you will be realistically able to visit in one lifetime, each with their own incredible discoveries and activities to take part in. Not matter what you like to do or how you like to do it, these vacations can provide some of the very best adventures imaginable.