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Popular all-inclusive resorts for singles

Popular all-inclusive resorts for singles

All-inclusive packages are slowly evolving to become the order of the day with singles, couples and families opting for the same. There are many reasons with cost constraint being one of the most prominent behind the choice of all-inclusive packages at resorts. Singles usually prefer to opt for all-inclusive packages as they tend to be younger and as such they do not have the budget to spend lavishly. Hence, they tend to finalize their expenditure before they leave for the trip. For others who choose not to go with families and spend time alone, all-inclusive packages are better since they are no more concerned with the affairs of their trip. There are many resorts that provide all-inclusive packages for singles. With every passing year, more and more resorts are providing this facility so as to attract tourists to their place of stay.

Twin Farms, which has been repeatedly hailed as the Number One small hotel in the United States, offers the best all-inclusive packages for singles. This property which sprawls across 300 acres in Vermont has just 20 accommodations but each and every luxury home has been made exquisitely to suit the tastes and preferences of the aristocrats. The rooms are equipped with all facilities. All meals are included in the package. Gourmet meals in the middle of the night and champagne picnic lunches are all included in this package which costs approximately 700$ per night for a single.

The Grand Velas Resorts in Mexico feature second on this list. These resorts have raised the bar quite high with an all-inclusive package like no other. The meals can be order from the a la carte menu whereas all amenities are included in the package. Liquor of the best quality is part of the package which includes a number of other facilities such as butlers and yoga classes. The spas in this resort are quite renowned and so are the suites in this resort.

Portillo Resort in Chile is the only all-inclusive ski resort in the world and surely lives up to the distinction of being unique in the world. The package at Portillo includes accommodation, all meals, skiing, access to the lounge, discotheque and the movie theater and a number of other facilities. A seven day stay with all facilities included shall cost a single approximately 1790$.

Medjumbe in Mozambique is one of the most exotic locations in the world where all-inclusive packages are available. Although it is difficult to get to this point, you shall forget everything else once you’re here. The prefect locales, sprawling beaches and exceptional scenic beauty are bound to make you go crazy. The all-inclusive package includes all facilities and luxurious stay at luxury homes.

Four Seasons Bora Bora in Tahiti is yet another place where one would be surprisingly happy to find an all-inclusive package. Considering the love for overwater bungalows, this is one of the perfect places for your vacations. The all-inclusive package encompasses all facilities and the stay at this place is bound to be memorable.