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5 Best Beach Hotels in the Caribbean

5 Best Beach Hotels in the Caribbean

Are you longing for a perfect vacation at the beach? Well, if so, then the best place to have a serene beach vacation is the Caribbean. With its blue and turquoise water Caribbean is one of the most wonderful places in the world that you can be while you are holidaying. Irresistible as it sounds; Caribbean do offers you a lot more that must just her pristine beaches and conch shells. Caribbean is the place for partying and fun. So, if you are all set to go on a holiday then get your swimming gears and book the best hotel before you go.

It is not a difficult task to find a hotel in the Caribbean. However you might want to know the best 5 hotels that you can stay while you are holidaying in the Caribbean. Caribbean consists of a host of islands that have their own charm. Hence it would be a great idea to spend one or two nights in some of those islands are get the feel of the Caribbean culture, delicious sea food cuisine, water sports, music and history. While you can enjoy the live music at the Tobago Island, spend a day roaming around the historical towns of Havana. You can take to some water sports at the Bahamas or Cayman Islands. Scuba diving is a must try if you are visiting Cayman Islands or you may just relish the magnificent view of the Piton peaks at St. Lucia.

Luxury beach hotels are quite popular in the Caribbean and you can even get some excellent deals on a two nights booking. Here are the five best luxury beach hotels that you may consider to stay at while you at the Caribbean.

The SPA Retreat Boutique Hotel – Located in the island of Jamaica it is definitely the most romantic retreat you can go to. Whether it is a romantic escape for you or just a wellness nirvana, this hotel is “the: place for you in the Caribbean. There are eighteen handcrafted stone cottages that overlook a spectacular garden. The hotel specializes in Spa facilities that relaxes and rejuvenates you thoroughly.

Caribbean Club – When you travel to Caribbean don’t miss the stunning Grand Cayman Islands. The Caribbean Club located at the Seven Mile Beach is an idyllic destination that is a home away from home. There are thirty seven villas provides you with the most exotic and adventurous feeling on this picturesque island. 

Jade Mountain Resort – Situated in the beautiful St. Lucia Island this luxury beach resort spread majestically over 600 acres of land this hotel gives you your own private pool glides. This architectural wonder is surely a place that you should visit once while you travel to the Caribbean.

Hermitage Bay – Located in the island of Antigua this intimate beach resort comprises of only twenty five cottages so that you get a tranquil environment even on the busiest of days.

Tortuga Bay Hotel Punta Cana Resort & Club – This club was established in 1971 in the Dominican Republic. The hotel has its old world charm that is pure bliss for every